We value highly our friends and colleagues also working in this arena of educating children and giving them a better chance at a sustaining life.

Give2Asia is, of course, a critically important affiliation for us. Our SE Asia Children's Foundation Fund is located there. And, Pat & I also have a Bali Fund there as well.

Scott Friedman is a professional colleague, good friend, and co-sponsor (with me) of the TWCCTW (Together We Can Change The World) fund also focused on improving the lives of children in SE Asia.

Jana Stanfield is a talented musician, entertainer, and world traveler who spends much of her time, energy, and resources visiting orphanages and child care facilities not only to entertain the children but to raise money for their ongoing care and support.

COLOR is a Bellevue, WA 501(c)(3) non-profit run by Scott and Jennifer Longheyer. Great people. Strong Microsoft connection. I do some of my smaller project work through them.

Splash (formerly "A Child's Right") is a Seattle based non-profitorganization, led by Eric Stowe, working in 17 Asian countries to provide safe drinking water to children. We collaborate whenever the opportunity to do so arises.

Developing World Connections is a Canadian registeredcharity headquartered in Kamloops, BC. Led by its founder, Wayne McRann, DWC sponsors volunteer groups to do meaningful construction projects in developing countries. We have collaborated on three such projects.

Global Washington is a Seattle based organization committed to supporting Pacific Northwest organizations and individuals in their internationalphilanthropic efforts. Their annual conference is a "can't miss" event. Here's a link to an article Global WA published about our work.

iLeap is a local non-profit learning organization, founded and directed by our good friend Britt Yamamoto. iLeap is dedicated to educating high potential leaders of social service organizations in developing countries. We look forward to getting some of our SE Asian leaders into Britt's program.

Peter Scontrino is another good friend and professional colleague. On two separate occasions, Peter has traveled to Indonesia with me to participate in our managment coaching work there.

Partners Asia, headed up by my friend Therese Caouette, is a U. S. 501(c)(3) non-profit located in San Francisco and Seattle. They focus on assisting Burmese people, including many refugees in the northern Thailand area where several of our projects are located.

Pannir Murugesu is the owner of Sayang Holidays in San Francisco. He does a great job of organizing interesting budget minded tours and arranging affordable air travel.

Hands of Hope, located in Nong Khai (in the northeastern region of Thailand known as Isaan) is a loving compassionate program for helping women infected with HIV and AIDS live healthy and meaningful lives. They’ve recently opened a terrific on-line store showcasing the many products they make. Take a look at their catalog. I think you’ll be impressed.

The Soria Moria Hotel is a delightful botique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This employee-owned, sociallyconscientioushotel actively supports more than 25 NGOs andother non-profit organizations working to help disadvantaged Cambodians. A friendly, welcoming place, managed by my friend Sokha Sam.