Mee Eashin Development Foundation - Bangkok

This is a small foundation located in the Rangsit Market area in northern Bangkok founded by a well-named 32 year old woman, Treasure Shine.

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Treasure, originally from Myanmar (Burma) is just completing her studies for a masters degree in community health programs. Quite passionate about helping her people that have migrated into Bangkok seeking physical safety and economic security, she -- along with volunteer help from several of her classmates -- founded MDF with with the goals of providing:

Education,including Thai language skills, for the children of the migrants

Adult education classes for the parents, including Thai, English, and Computer skills

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Counseling to assist the migrants with relocation into a new culture

Basic health care services for her community

To her great credit, with solid community support Treasure has brought her foundation tosustainability with the exception of the annual rent for her facility. We help her with that.

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Having personally visited with Treasure at her location on three separate occasions -- and having walked with her through the streets of her community, I can readily attest to the solid relationships and excellent rapport she has established with those she serves.

We would welcome your support for Treasure as the need for helping those migrants/refugees working in the Rangsit Market shops continues to grow.