Jom Thong Orphanage

Located about an hour south of Chiang Mai, this is a small, terribly underfunded orphanage caring for 40 children. WE NEED HELP HERE. We need to purchase a nearby plot of land and construct decent living quarters for these kids.

Jom Thong Kids

These kids are way too skinny for my eyes

Jom Thong Girl.jpg

I can't help but wonder what is going through her head

Run by a very dedicated fellow called Prem and his wife.


Prem, near the one small room where 20 girls sleep each night

Quite frankly, it is housed in an grossly inadequate, rented facility. Prem is terribly underfunded and at risk for having to close unless some substantial help can be found.

Jom Thong Building

A place for getting out of the rain -- barely

Food is in short supply even though our SE Asia Children's Foundation is able to provide a food stipend each month.

JT Food

Recently, we also provided them with a new refrigerator. Without it they were having to discard left over food and donated medicines for the lack of proper storage.

JT Refrigerator

Needless to say, we … and Prem … need help here … BIG TIME. The land is small; too small for any agricultural activities. And, the neighbors are complaining about the noise from 40 active kids. This orphanage needs to move. Land needs to be purchased (about US$25,000) and a new building needs to be constructed (another US$25,000).

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