Fountain of Life Women's Center

The Good Shepherd Sisters of Thailand, founded in 1973 and headquartered in Bangkok, are very much involved with assisting those in need throughout Thailand. We also assist the Sisters with their work at the girls school inChiang Rai.

Led by Sisters Kanyanee and Anurak, their Fountain of Life Women's Center is located in Pattaya, a beachside community about 120 km. south of Bangkok. There, they offer assistance to a daily average of 250 women at risk. Services include one-on-one and group counseling as well as hands-on training in productive live skills such as massage, reflexology, hair dressing, make-up, cooking, and computer use. I confess… I served as a practice dummy for the reflexology and massage school. So I can tell you from first-hand experience that these people are getting excellent training.

FOL Massage.jpg

Reflexology Training

FOL Hair.jpg

Hairdressing Training

Together with their Fountain of Life Children's Center (located a short distance away) we spent one full day coaching the leadership group of 24 people, including several foreign volunteers, in team building and group problem solving skills.

FOL Large Group.jpg

The Group at Work

FOL Small Group.jpgFOL Presentation.jpg

Working in small groups of 4 or 5 people we were able to get virtually everyone engaged in the conversation and give them an opportunity to practice new skills. All-in-all, the day was quite well received.

Needless to say, conducting this work in two languages was both a challenging and most interesting experience. (Attempting to learning Thai is a wonderful opportunity to embarrass oneself!)

FOL Chart.jpg

How quickly they took to some of the techniques

We will continue this work in February where we have a three-day session scheduled to focus on Strategic Planning and Organization Development.

As part of our service to this group, I bring suitcases full of much needed supplies including designer jeans, cosmetics, children's clothing, arts & crafts supplies, school supplies, training materials, games, puzzles, and related materials.

FOL Jeans.jpg

Sister Anurak with a couple of suitcases of full of goodies

This Women's Center -- and the 250 women they serve every day -- goes through an enormous amout of resources each month. Your support would be most welcomed. Many at-risk women would benefit.