Baan Saan Rak

This a very small orphanage located about 30 minutes away from Chiang Rai. Housing just 20 children, it is run by a very dedicated woman, Jit. Jit operates this facility on the back portion of her family property. With no aspirations for growth, she is pretty self-sufficient but for one exception. She is always in need of a little extra money for food and school expenses.

BSR Plaque.jpg

Every child has their picture on the board

BSR Jit.jpg

Me, with Jit

Facilities here are limited.

BSR Building.jpg

The Multi-purpose room

BSR Cooking.jpg

The Kitchen where delicious, nourishing meals are prepared

BSR Kids 2.jpg

The Playground

Recently, Jit was able to build a guest house to provide living accommodations for volunteers. Pretty basic, but certainly sufficient.

BSR Guest House.jpg

Guest House Outside

BSR Inside Guest House.jpg

And the inside of the Guest House

Jit is always in need of a little help for food and school expenses for her 20 children. She would welcome your support