Peace Children's Home Progress Report - October 2012

I just returned from an extended trip to SE Asia, working on projects for the benefit of children in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Waing Pa Pao, and Bali, Indonesia.

As you know, my Birthday Wish was to build a home for underprivileged children in northern Thailand who, without our help, would get virtually no education. I'm happy to report that that is now happening in Wiang Pa Pao, a town located in northern Thailand, about half way between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Working with Tutu's son Daniel (Setsila Preamjaisanchat) who heads up the Grace & Mercy Foundation, a suitable plot of land has been located and an initial portion of that land purchased.

Here's Daniel:

Photo on 2-12-56 BE at 12.38 PM #2

Construction on the main house for the soon to bePeace Children's Homehas begun


With the help of a grant from our SE Asia Children's Foundation -- which all of you have so generously funded -- and in partnership with my good friend Scott Friedman and his "Together We Can Change The World" fund, construction over the next two months will provide for many improvements to the property including:

  • Finishing the main building with four rooms: One for the house parents, one for girls, one for boys, and one for study
  • Constructing a bamboo security fence around the entire property
  • Constructing a bamboo building housing four toilets and two shower rooms
  • Constructing a kitchen and eating building
  • Erecting a water tower
  • Installing a water pump and all the related PVC plumbing to provide water at the appropriate points on the property
  • Purchasing and installing a generator, including related wiring, to provide electricity when and where needed

In addition to the construction described above, our grant will also provide funding for:

  • Equipping the main building with mattresses, bedding, mosquito netting, and other amenities for comfortable living
  • Equipping the kitchen with the necessary equipment for food preparation, serving, and clean-up
  • School uniforms for up to 15 children (four sets per child)
  • Medicine and related health care
  • Rental of adjacent land for agricultural purposes

Many of the children have already arrived and are being temporarily housed at a nearby facility.

Children 2

That's my partner in this project, Scott Friedman, in the photos with me.

As this new home develops over the coming year it will house approximately 40 hill-tribe children and provide them with safe and secure living conditions, proper hygiene, nourishing food, and access to education in Thai government schools. Coming from very remote hill-tribe villages (Karen, Hmong, Lisu, and Lahu -- each with its own unique language and culture) these children, many of whom are suffering from malnourishment and intestinal diseases, will regain their health, learn the Thai language, live in a caring, loving environment, and get an education before returning to their families and villages.

So ... that's where we stand at the moment. I'll be in San Francisco next week working with Give2Asia on the grant (among other things) so we can get the construction in high gear. Progress reports to follow ... and an in-depth report when I next visit in February of next year.

Life is good ... for some of us at least. Others need some help ... and ... thanks to all of you for your generosity ... we can get them that help.